The Dream List: ~Have~ Revamped

Sort out the best of the best; What do I want to have, do, or be the very most? What is the most important to me?

It took me FOREVER. For-evv-urr. To try and revamp, redefine, plan out the entire list. So in order for me and you to have some piece of mind, I will be separating the list into a trilogy; three parts.

This time around, I’ll be redefining my goals/dream under the have column, or things I want to have. This is in best effort to better define what I want to have, what I will do with it, and most importantly WHY I want to have it. It will be redefined, even more revamped, and simplified later. What I was focusing on was pumping more of me and my energy into it so as to make it more real.

Let’s get started.

Top 5 Dreams– Complete in 6(?) Months. This sort of goal-setting will be based on the same sort of style in Dream-Lining (via Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Work Week”). So the top 5 are on a (currently) 6-month Dream-Line. Go.

  1. Successful blog.- It might be this one, it might be Celestial Celsius, but I’m not expecting too much from these blogs as of yet. (See later blog entries to check up on my actions towards this intention.)
  2. Tesla Roadster. *mouthwater*- in Glacier Blue color. It’s an electric car. Which is awesome in and of its self, but it looks amazing as well. It’s engine sounds like a freakin’ airplane. Yeah. I seek to drive one in the near future, and perhaps own one some time. Step 1: Driver’s License. Step 2: Set up a test drive appointment. Step 3 to come.
  3. Steve Vai Signature Guitar and Amplifier.Ibanez JEM7V Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar (White). Steve Vai Legacy II Series Amplifiers. I’d want the guitar for permanent use, it’s lovely sounding and is designed beautifully. The amplifier is mostly for a try-out; temporary use. Step 1: Go to a nearby Guitar Center for a try-out. Step 2: Funds(?) Step 3 to come.
  4. iPad.Mostly for the ease of use it may provide. And, perhaps how I’d feel when I’d have it… ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Audi R8. Oh mah gawdThis. Machine. Is. Beyond. Awesome. Will definitely (test) drive in the near future, will definitely own some day. /fangirl Step 1: Driver’s License. Step 2: Test-drive appointment. Step 3 to come.


  1. An island. (you can tell I borrow some from his listโ€ฆ)- I always thought it would be a gratifying experience to own your own island. There’s this “when-the-world-is-going-to-hell-and-making-me-mad-,-dawg, I’ve got somewhere to go” feeling to it, along with the “secret-island-laboratory-philosopher-has-an-island-to-concoct-plans-to-save-the-world”-esque feel. Either way, awesome.
  2. Sweet motorcycle- What’s to say, men love riding things that go *vroooooom* and go fast. Will define better in the future.
  3. Joe Satriani Signature Guitar and Amplifier- The guitar is beautiful. The fret board is smaller and smoother than my Fender (Mexi) Stratocaster. I’d like to try out his Peavey Amps someday. Will perhaps own Marshalls some day. Action steps same as Steve Vai guitar above.
  4. An apartment in Japan. Or something of the like.- What’s to say… I love Japan. I plan on at least living there on vacation/travel, and perhaps living there permanently. It’d be awesome. (Check later blog entries for my further actions towards this intention.) Step 1: Japanese Conversational Fluency (at the least). Step 2: Plane prices in December; check. Step 3: Shelter prices in Japan; check them. Step 4: Check valuable/interesting things to do in Japan. Places to see. Step 5: Go.


  1. Laptop– For research, writing, becoming Japanese, music. Step 1: Check around for the best choice. Step 2: Try out. Step 3: Get it.
  2. iPhone 4. Or any kind of updated version when I get it.- More like, I want to try it out first. I’d mostly want it for what it does, not for what it is.ย  Not exactly important, just my focus was on cell phones. Step 1: Check around for the best choice. Step 2: Check prices. Step 3: Negotiation. Step 4: Get it.
  3. Billions of dollars- No, I really don’t have dreams of counting my money. This is in utility because of what it would bring, and help me accomplish. The rest would be in savings. It’s a dream for freedom in finances, not freedom-in-blowing-it-all-in-Vegas. Step 1: LoA visualization ๐Ÿ˜‰ . Step 2: Buy lottery tickets? Can’t really care for the lottery, but why not.
  4. Video Camera- I might start a vlog, if I could. I’d also bring it along my travels around the world sort of as a device to log my progress and to update my readers/followers in the future. Step 1: Check around for best choice. Step 2: Check around for prices. Step 3: Get it.
  5. Digital Camera.- Same as for video camera. And because I’m secretly a photographer. Or something like that. Steps are identical to Video Camera.
  6. Vibram Five Fingers- Ever since I saw these on Tim Ferriss’ blog, I’ve been antsy to get them. I’d run in them day-to-day, as people point. I’d be all like,”Yeah, that’s right…”, while they murmur dissent. At least that’s what’s planned in my head.


  1. A couple published books- I want to be a contributor of ideas to the world, perhaps write some (science) fiction, whatever. It’s another medium for expressing my ideas and antics. Steps will be involved in ~Being~, and ~Doing~ Revamped.
  2. A library. Full of awesomeness.- My own personal library shelved with awesome books, and classics I would actually read. Step 1: Read a lot. Step 2: Check favorite author’s choices. Step 3: Take ideas from community, from Philosopher’s Notes. Step 4: Buy, read. Rinse, repeat. Step 5: Place on shelf of library.
  3. Kindle!- My own personal electronic library (shelved with even more awesome books) on the go. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Step 1: Check around for best choice of Kindle, or best choice of a similar device. Step 2: Try out. Step 3: Buy. Step 4: Buy/read ebooks.
  4. A phD in Life. ( ;) )- Part of owning a library full of awesomeness, that I’d read and study. Also part of living life, learning from my failures and mistakes and becoming somebody from it all. See: Library full of awesomeness.
  5. Emergency by Neil Strauss- Been wanting to read it since the leaked chapters on Tim Ferriss’ blog were released. Step 1: Ask miltownkid to mail to self? Step 2: Receive. Step 3: Repeatedly thank miltownkid.
  6. Tim Ferrissโ€™ upcoming book: Becoming Superhuman (working title)- Guess this goes along with PwningLife: Mastering Fitness/Health. Would be amazing to read and apply. Step 1: Check for release date. Step 2: Pre-order? Step 3: Buy. Step 4: Read and apply.

Gaming- Action steps not defined. Gaming isn’t such a big part of my life at the moment.

  1. A big flat screen tv. ;)For gaming, of course. I can’t bother to watch regular television unless it’s Attack of the Show, Adult Swim, or Breakthrough (Tony Robbins).
  2. An awesome gaming computer.- For awesome gaming. I’m more of a computer-gaming kind of guy, with Counter Strike: Source and all.
  3. All Contemporary Game Systems (up-to-date): PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS- First two are major, the second two are optional. Need up-to-date gaming systems to play up-to-date-and-awesome games.
  4. Fable III- Still haven’t played Fable II yet, but I was hooked in the first game. (The update of the first game, rather; Lost Chapter)
  5. Portal 2- /fangirlscream
  6. Final Fantasy XIII- Final Fantasty-junkie all my life. The music is my favorite part, first to RPG game-play.

Unnecessary, but Fun

  1. The Bro Code (lol)- Hilarious to listen to (audio-book format) in the car with friends driving places. (Now that I think about it, I couldn’t care less about this. Or it’s step-sister “Bro On The Go”.ย  Yes, I love hilarity. But hilarity along with changing the world for the better, comes first.)
  2. Bro On The Go- Would have me bust out into fits of rofl.
  3. Friends. *everyone gasps awkwardly* (Iโ€™m joking hereโ€ฆ)- Although I do admit my social life has been less than the best in the past, I’ve stepped up and I seem to be making a lot of friends on the web. You guys at PwningLife are allowed to stay in my island bomb shelter if the conditions permit so. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I’ll update you guys in the near future on how I’m rebuilding social-awesomeness into my system. You’ll see action steps and progress, I promise.)

Conclusion, and Moving On

Now that I’ve finished this first part, I’d like to say something about it. None of these are so much as important in what they are, but important in how they would serve me. Whether they make it easier to project, build, and further progress me as a person trying to make the best of his life, world, and time, or if they make me feel a certain sense of freedom or accomplishment.

They are never, quote, never for their own sake. I have better, more fun, more important, stronger, better, and even faster ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) goals and dreams than walking around with money signs in my eyes.

As Tim Ferriss, the author of the book dream-lining comes from,ย  says, the more “having” you let go, the more room you have for “becoming/being” and “doing”. Thus, the more you free up your time for materialistic goals, the more time and money you have for more fulfilling dreams. This list is, inherently, not that important for me.

That is all.

Signing off.

See more in part two of the trilogy, in The Dream List: ~Do~ Revamped, to come soon.

  1. Nice post!

    About the Ibanez guitars: I can definitely empathize! I’ve been lusting after the JEM and JS series for a long time…I do have an RG470 with Steve Vai pickups in it though…close enough for now :p.

  2. Thanks!

    Awesome. Yeah, I’ve been seeking them out… Try as hard as I can, I can’t really get a Fender Strat to sound like an Ibanez. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll get there though, I’ll get there.

  3. The revamped list is AWESOME! I’m going to have to do the same. Took me long enough to actually even make one… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! Oh don’t I know it. But I just had the reasoning that if… I took the time to really flesh it out, that it would make it that much more real.

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