The Dream Ultimatum: (Way of) ~Becoming~

Becoming The Forest

Becoming is a way, a waveform, a process.

Sort out the best of the best; What do I want to have, do, or be the very most? What is the most important to me?

It took a great deal of time to try and revamp, redefine, plan out the entire list. So in order for me and you to have some piece of mind, I will be separating the list into a trilogy; three parts.

The sort of magnitude this list might require might be a deep and moving entrance. But this is not.  There simply is no need.

This is not perfection, it is a mere declaration. To do more would be vain. I’ll use the time saved to further make real the steps I will take, here.


  1. Successful blogger- Simple. My dream-line for this is to simply become a blogger worth reading into, and someone who adds value to people’s lives through the blogging medium. Action steps: 1. Contact and ask top 3 questions to most successful bloggers I can find. 2. Use answers to modify and further develop current blogs or to start a new blog. (Currently, I’ve been researching what makes blogs successful, but as per Ferriss’ request I will stop so as not to throw myself into paralysis by analysis.) 3. Socialize with successful bloggers. (you are who you are surrounded by.)
  2. Successful musician/guitarist- What this would really mean to me is having the technical skill of an already successful guitarist, if not better, and the ability to write great music with a great band. And one that preferably sells a lot of albums. Action steps: 1. Contact and ask top 3 questions to (best-selling artists from 2-3 years ago?) my favorite guitarists (perhaps through email), and to best-selling bands in the past decade (as pertains to my genre). 2. Massive action: fiercely apply knowledge and wisdom gained. (Whether it’s about record-selling, playing, or making music). 3. Befriend musicians at school.
  3. Straight A+ Student (come on, this year…)- Simple. Becoming a straight A+ student requires taking on the habits, knowledge, and wisdom from already successful students or successful students of the past. (Plus, information on how to most effectively do work for classes (studyhacks link)). Action Steps: 1. Contact and review current or recent A+ students (one reviewed person happens to be Gabe Hawkins, a fellow warrior of the Pwning Life tribe). 2. Take action: apply scholastic wisdom. 3. Further socialize with industrious and current A+ students at school.
  4. One with the Dao (working on that every day 😉 )- It is not merely thought, but being that achieves progress with the Dao. It is only by retrogression that you achieve the Dao; progression by retrogression. You act by not acting. You do not try, you simply become a task; you do. Action Steps: 1. Read and take notes of Tao Te Ching. 2. Apply wisdom. 3. Rinse and repeat steps 1-2 for rest of life.
  5. Best-selling author- Producing ideas and adding value to peoples lives through the medium of nonfiction and fiction. Having a certain quality of the writing craft that would acquire best-selling status. Action Steps: 1. Contact and review/ask top 3 questions to best-selling authors of the past 2-3 years. 2. Apply knowledge (As Ferriss would say, “Formulate plan around responses; marketing and PR”.) 3. Contact and recruit writing interns from local college?

Extra, But Important (Eventually)

  1. Great Father- Essentially being the greatest father I can be. Doing as well as I can to provide an environment for my children to prosper. Action Step: 1. Socialize and associate with well-known successful fathers. 2. Ask/review for top 3-5-10 questions pertaining to fathering. 3. Instill within self thought forms, bear children (lol) in the future, and apply knowledge.
  2. Great Husband- A great marriage, I believe, would be centered around love, passion, excitement, romance. Feel free to critique me. Action Steps will not be posted at the moment. I’ve realized that I’m posting action steps for goals not even close to the near future. Be free to disregard the dream-line above this one, as you wish.


  1. Billionaire- If only by chance (lottery?), because I’m not going to put myself into a machine of ultimate despair just for money. This is in utility, because although becoming a millionaire is resolved through acquiring a billionaire mindset, no one wants to be a billionaire for the money; it would be for the lifestyle. So in essence, I’d want to live a billionaire lifestyle.
  2. Physically awesome- Simplicity, really. For now, I only want to gain some control over a little excess body fat and strengthening muscles. When Tim Ferriss’ new book comes out, I will put it to the immediate test.
  3. Awesome chef- A level achieved, where I can follow any recipe, and be able to experiment with my own recipes without any tasteful harm.
  4. Life-of-Party Social Skills. (Sociable, baby.)- My model for this is my mother’s great friend Angie. She grew up an introvert, quieter than others. But as she said,”(Social skills) can be developed.” And she is a proven example of that. Everywhere she goes, people love her. She makes them laugh. Angie can make a connection out of nowhere. Even now, I can notice these characteristics developing within myself.
  5. Life coached with- An appropriate (professional/experienced) life coach though… Nobody needs a life coach. But it would help to have someone kick me in the ass when I’m falling out.
  6. Outrageous- (Self-permitted) Freedom to be and act however I want to. This doesn’t mean being an jerk. It means being unafraid to do anything I’d ever want to without fearing social resistance. (read: anyone who was ever successful)
  7. Awesome. 😉 *everyone sighs and facepalms*- Awesome is a state of mind. I guess it could be related to self-esteem is some way, but what really gives you the feeling of “awesome” is doing things you thought you couldn’t possibly do before. I’ll be doing plenty of those.
  8. Lover- Another plug for “seduction”? Whatever. All I care about (in this goal) is being the best me I possibly can, and using that to be with someone worth being with. Ultimately, it simplifies to “being in the position of being someone who can properly love someone worth being in the position of being with”. ….That was more complicated than I thought.

Passion/Artistic/On a whim

  1. Actor- It would be pretty cool to act in some movie, or possibly have the acting skills required to be chosen for a movie worth watching. This isn’t necessarily important to me, just an adventure fun to think about.
  2. Linguistic Expert- In many ways, I already am this. Just need to put more into practice.
  3. NLP Master Practitioner- Learning and practicing neuro-linguistic programming, to a Master Practitioner level.
  4. Philosopher/Philosophy Practitioner- Reading, practicing, teaching philosophy.
  5. Design a video-game? Hell, why not.- I’m sort of at the point in life where I don’t play video games alone. I don’t really do it for fun, unless it’s something new to try out, or the net gain (fun, social time) is more than the net loss (important time used better for doing other things, or learning). Designing a video game? I’m not sure. But I might be a strategist/adviser to an important gaming company in the future.
  6. Dancer- Being able to dance any dance I’d want, at anytime and any place. More for the opposite gender than for individual practice, but I still see it as fun opportunity nonetheless.

Optimal Extension

  1. Stronger/smarter/faster/better than yesterday (everyday)- Expecting more of myself than others expect of themselves (Tony Robbins inspired), and expecting more of myself and pushing myself more than I did the day before. Ultimately, becoming the best I can be everyday, pushing myself to relinquish the self-imposed limits so the best “me” can further free its self.
  2. The change I wish to see in this world- Standing up for what I believe in, and being an example for which I wish the world to follow. I walk my talk, I talk my walk. I become the best in me in order to give the most value to the world in the way I see fit. No longer idly standing by. I take 100% responsibility for the things I want to change, and I come at it with all the power within me.

A New Beginning

I could preach, but I’d rather exemplify my principles. I’ll be my seminar’s first attendee. So I will not write much more than the basics.

This is not an end but a start. Perhaps, yes, an end to past occurrences, but more importantly a strong beginning full of “impossible” and unlimited possibilities.

Life is not what you have, but who you become. Simple.

As Jim Rohn would have said, instead of looking at goals and asking the question “What am I achieving here?”, we should ask ourselves “What am I becoming here?”. Goals aren’t for achieving; no, they are for stretching who you are in order to become someone. Someone who’d accomplish that goal.

So in these lists I did not merely set dream-lines (goals) to achieve, but guidelines for a person I want to really become. And I think that sort of captures it here, in the last section of this list.

Over the past week, I’ve realized that goals aren’t to be followed; I’ve found that if you see goals as sort of a guiding star, you will get there. Plans are all good and everything, but life happens and sometimes you just need to readjust the sails.

I could explain all the happenings in my life, but I choose not to. I’m simply in a stage right now where I am mastering habits, and I find my time is better put to use in action rather than explaining a defined plan.  All I can reveal now, is that “Operation: Senior Year” is done, and a book might be written in the future involving that.

I have learning and action to take.

What about you?

  1. You got this one figured out! lol

    1. Read and take notes of Tao Te Ching. 2. Apply wisdom. 3. Rinse and repeat steps 1-2 for rest of life. 🙂

    I’m envying your list! When I’m done with this current project I’m working on I’m going right back to my list. I “think” I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to be, but doesn’t everyone? It all changes when you’re challenged to write it down. I can’t remember where I recently saw this quote, but reading this post reminds me of it:

    “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

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